Current extensions of the data base in the frame of research projects

*Finger Prints of the Gulf Stream Intensity in the Cenozoic - A view on continental climate and biodiversity on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean (DFG; Böhme, Micheels, Mosbrugger, Utescher)

*Climate and vegetation reconstructions from the palaeobotanical record of Siberia (DAAD; Bruch, Popova, Mosbrugger, Utescher)

*Climate and vegetation proxies and modelling for Miocene time slices of Eurasia  (partly UCCC researcher group, DFG; Erdei, Favre, Francois, Henrot, Herrmann, Micheels, Mosbrugger, Suc, Utescher)

*Palaeoclimate and vegetation reconstruction for the Pannonian of the Pannonian Basin (Erdei, Hably, Utescher)

*Palaeoclimate and vegetaion reconstructions in the Pliocene - analysis of a N-S gradient between Germany and Italy (DAAD; Bertini, Bruch, Martinetto, Utescher)

*Cenozoic climate evolution in the Eastern Paratethys (Bozukov, Ivanov, Mosbrugger, Syabryaj, Utescher)

*Cenozoic Palaeoclimate of China (Bruch, Liu, Sun, Wei-Ming, Utescher, Zhou-Zhekun)

*Detailed climate evolution in the Cenozoic of Northern Germany reconstructed from palynological records (DFG; Ashraf, Hebekker, Mosbrugger, Pross, Utescher, Wilde)

* research in the context of NECLIME